Monday, May 30, 2011

Sea Rafting, Festival, Paintball --> May 28/29

This weekend, I went on another solo trip. It was with Adventure Korea and it seemed like a very promising trip. I was looking forward to meeting new people and taking part in some interesting activities.

Here are the pictures. Enjoy.

 This is me at the Pumba (Korean Begger) Festival. I don't know why they have a festival like this. Anyways, we got to wear a rag shirt and get our face painted. Some had prettier designs than others. Apparently, there was also a Korean photo competition going on, so there were LOADS of Korean paparazzi around taking pictures of us foreigners.

 Full outfit. Styling, eh? :)

 Me and my new friend ManYi. I don't remember if she's from Canada or the US. Hm...
As I mentioned before, some of us got nicer face paint than others. 

 ManYi stylin' :).

 Some weird beggar dance with Makali (Korean alcoholic rice drink).

 Lady on stilts next to a beggar blimp. Hm... alright...

 There was also a makeshift beggar village with all sorts of interesting things. Here was a clothes line, and since the paparazzi were following us, we thought we might as well give them a show. :)

 The 4 of us (new friends). One of the paparazzi used my little camera. There were loads of them lined up. As soon as they saw us here, they swarmed. We had to move to loose the crowd.

 Marcia, ManYi and Amy tending the hobo hut.

 Oh wow! This is making me so hungry right now!! Some amazing ribs hanging out, waiting to be devoured. 

 Lady making delicious doughy snacks.

 Making mats the old-fashioned way.

 2 beggar mimes and a woman on stilts walked into a bar...

 Super cute kids. Amy and me managed to escape the paparazzi, but then a woman saw us and sent her 2 kids our way to practice their English. Another day in Korea.

 She had a really pretty butterfly painted on.

 There were some drums there, so I decided to demonstrate my awesome drumming skills. 

 Moahahahaha! See?? I can do it!!


 More paparazzi!

 For real?? More paparazzi!

 And this is the tour group photo. Not very well taken, but at least I made it in the picture.

 After the festival, we headed out to the beach to our hotel and to relax for the evening. ManYi and me went to a sea food restaurant. Awesome stuff, and not too expensive either. 

 After that, we recruited some people and were planning to go to norebang (karaoke), but we ended up just standing in front of this random building and talking and drinking. I was first to stumble home. What a wonderful evening :).

 In the morning, we all got ready for the days activities.

 We walked over to the other side of the beach.

 I got my swimsuit on and ready to take on the waters!!

 YAY!! Inflatable boats!! Claim your team! Claim your boat!

 ManYi confused by the whole life vest apparatus.

 Here we are practicing... I'm not sure why. It's not really that difficult, and we're not going on a river...

 I'm so cool!

 And we're in the water!!!

 Do you know what song is going through my head?? Guess!!
I'm on a boat!! I'm on a *&#$ (*&@# boat!! HAHAHA :)

 This is so lame... but kinda nice at the same time. We're not really doing anything.

 She's on a boat too! :)

 Oh no you didn't! You didn't just splash me did you???!!! Huh Huh??!!

 And, we're done. I was very busy documenting this glorious event.

 Our amazing team/boat crew.



 ManYi and Me

 Me and my new friend Mr. Starfish. 

 Then we had some weird beach activities. This is Team 1.

 And Team 2.

 Team 1 kicks Team 2 ass!!

 Sorry, you lost girl.

 Team 1 is victorious. Who are these people?? And why do I have pictures oft them??

 Marcia. She didn't participate. She had jeans on couldn't enjoy the wetness. 

 Then the guys did the same thing. It wasn't very noteworthy.

 When we were walking back to our hotel, we found this really cute Chow Chow puppy!!



 Then it laid down on the grill... Hm... 


 Before heading out to our next activity, we had some Kimchi Chigae. It's a spicy soup.

 What a dork!

 Walking... walking... it was so hot...

 And here we are!!

 Red Team vs. Blue Team

 Blue Team!

 Getting ready to kick some ass!

I'm DONE. 
My hear was super sweaty, and as you can see, I was in sandals. Not ideal for such adventures. Bah! I'll know better for next time :)

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