Saturday, December 12, 2009

October Cultural Trip

This is a trip that was created for the foreign teachers in my district. It was a nice one day outing, filled with karaoke, walking, laughing and lots of picture taking.
Here are the pictures as always :)

This is the first place we went to. I’m not sure where this was, but it was some sort of temple.

 Surprise shots. It’s too early for smiles and poses.

So, here we are taking some group pictures.

I’m not happy yet. It’s still too early.     

This was a really pretty wall from a small temple I guess.

The area was beautiful. There was a large forest with very tall and twisty trees. Incredible.


Now I’m a bit happier.

And then we went off to see this really big cave. Not only was it long, but also big and had many stalactites and stalagmites.

Heather and Angela posing on the little monorail that took us up to the cave entrance. 

And this was the entrance. It looked very well kept and maintained.
We naturally had to take another group shot :)

I was much happier now :)

This whole place shook as though a train was going over it.

There was a nice resting area with lanterns that made the whole atmosphere very warm and comfortable.

And now we start walking down.

And it keeps going down… 

Jessica is frightened here :).

This is a two lane road, one for going down, one for coming back up.

We found the echo room and Jessica was ecstatic. She did a little dance.

And then we found these little things. They were scenes along the walls apparently of little cave creatures mining for gold and diamonds.

And then we got to these things. Absolutely amazing :)

Could not have a town in Korea without having squid drying out on the racks. Pretty isn't it?

There is an interesting story that goes along with this. So, they say (the Koreans), that if you throw a coin on one of them lotus leaves, and it lands on it, you will have a son. Everyone was throwing coins and missing, and I threw one coin and it landed right there. Cool isn't it?

A very beautiful statue overlooking the region.

It was getting dark and the lanterns were lit all around the temple and the road.

Before leaving, we went to the restroom for “untieing worries”. Interesting purpose!

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