Monday, December 14, 2009

Paragliding? Or not…

So, I found a place in Pyeongchang, a city further down south, where you can go paragliding for pretty cheap. I found 2 other people who were interested and headed out early in the morning on Saturday (November).
 And here we go. We bought tickets from Sokcho.
We were so excited, we couldn’t contain ourselves.

But it was a loooong ride, and everyone passed out eventually.

And then we arrived!! YAAAY!! Pyeongchang is a tiny little place.

This was the paragliding office.

This is where you land.

And there at the top is where we take off. Whoa!!

But we had to wait, so we walked around the area. It was really pretty. I took a classic Dana feet shot.

And then we got to this really strange rock park. It was empty and eerie, but still very interesting.


The colours were changing and it look very beautiful.


 Matthew found a cool rock by the river.

And then people started taking off. It looked so amazing.


So now it was our turn. We rode up in a truck on a very long and windy road.

And we get to the top. WOW!!!! Our gear was there ready for us, they were preparing the parachutes for the people before us, and so we waited.
This is where you run and jump. That’s where the hill ends.

It still wasn't our turn yet… grrrr…

Matthew and Jana were posing with the beautiful background.

And then the wind stopped. NOOOOOOOOO!

We decided to take more pictures.

And wait some more…
And more… zzzzzzzz

We found a praying mantis to entertain us for a while.

Then they said, ok, get suited up. YAY! Now we were going to jump for sure. Excitement is in the air.

Matthews jump suite was too small, so he decided not to wear his.

And that was it. The wind didn’t get any better :(
We had to take our suits off again and head back down. We were pretty disappointed but at least we got to see such a pretty place.



And then we ran into Steward. YAY! And we also found a tractor. Obviously we had to take a few pictures.


As we were walking to the little town of Peyongchang, we walked by the big supermarket in town. Yup, that’s as big as it gets. Hahaha!

It was pretty though, I must admit. A very cute little town. It had a very touristy feel.

And this was our entertainment for the afternoon.

When we got back to Sokcho we decided to treat ourselves to a Korean style BBQ. Mmmmmmmm!
Matthew was in charge of the cooking.

Jana was in charge of the turning.


And here we go. We are all ready to dig in and feast!!!!!
About 20 minutes later, everything was gone. Whoa! That was so delicious!

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