Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fountain pens

This is my lovely fountain pen collection. I’ve collected them since I was little. I’ve always loved how they write and have never been able to throw any of them away, no matter how crappy some of them are. They all have a charm and a specific way they write. Some are really fine tipped, some are very tick, for some, the ink runs very smoothly, for others it kind of pours out and then I get it all over my fingers. I like that though. I associate it with hard work, same as getting dirt under your finger nails after doing some sort of manual work.
Well, here they are :).

My case with my collection of fountain pens and extra ink cartridges.

When I was little, I only wrote with pencil, and when I was old enough, my mom gave me this fountain pen. It was sort of a growing up present. It's gold tipped.
I looked it up online and the brand might be Hero. Not sure tho.

This pen I got from Romania when I was young just before I left when I was little. A friend of mine knew I liked writing with it and gave it to me as a going away present.

This one I bought in Romania a few years ago.

Beautiful fountain pen bought in Germany.

Super crappy leaky fountain pen bought amazingly from a dollar store in Canada. It writes really thinly so that's why I bought it.

A beautiful and fancy thick tipped fountain pen. This was bought in Toronto.

Fountain pen bought in Scotland.

This is not the best fountain pen because it keeps leaking. It writes pretty nice though.

This one has a really nice grip. I bought this at a stationary store in Toronto.

My new fountain pen from Korea, complete with ink bottle. Sooo beautiful :).

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Roger said...

''This one I bought in Romania a few years ago.''

I have the same one. I got it as a present years ago. I only write with fountain pens. I only trust Waterman. It's the only one that has never failed me. I had a really nice one, but some bastard stole it on the train. I got another one, but it's not the same.