Monday, December 14, 2009

Random random raaaandom

As the title of this post sais, this is just random.
I’ve got some pictures that don’t merit their own topic, so yes, random :)
When I was in Romania visiting my Grandmother and a little village called Stroiesti. I don’t remember why I was walking to the local windmill, but the way to get there was through various fields and gardens. The one that really stood out in my mind thought was a really beautiful orchard. I’m sure my memory of it is quite distorted but what is left feels like a fantasy. All was green, full of small low trees heavy with apples, and a little path winding it’s way through the trees. And I was the only person around. I wish I had stayed a bit longer and absorbed more of the scenery.
Anyways, my Korean class went one day to an apple orchard. I missed it just because I can’t be bothered to go to that class anymore, but I found out where the orchard is and went there with my scooter.
For 5,000won ($5), I got a big bag full of crisp and juicy big apples. mmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Look at all those apples :)
Alright, so now we’re done with the apples.
The next exciting thing, is my new vehicle.
Yes, I’ve upgraded from my little 50cc scooter to a 125cc motorcycle named Delilah. I didn’t name her, that’s how she came, and it seemed to fit, so why change it eh? :)
It’s a manual, so I’m having to learn how to change gears, how to deal with the clutch and how to deal with the weight of a much bigger bike. I’ve been riding it around on one road up and down, and hopefully this weekend I’ll know her well enough to go out on the road and go to the gas station a few blocks down the road. It’s so exciting. It is quite cold now and I won’t be able to ride her for much longer before the snow and ice sets in, but at least I’ll be ready for spring and summer. No more buses, no more waiting.

On a safer note, this is me and some other friends at a bread baking party. Yes, you read correctly, we got together and learned how to bake bread. It was great. Matthew, who is like the man version of Martha Steward agreed to coach us all on the art of bread making.

It was a success.

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