Thursday, October 3, 2013

4th Evening

We are in Viana now, 11km away from Logroño.

It's been tough, and it will continue to be tough.

After the first day, I sent on to Santiago 4kg of things. Tomorrow morning I'm planning on sending maybe 1 more kilo.

I need to lighten my pack so I don't have so much pressure on my feet.

Today I bought some new shoes. More like sandals really, but still for hiking. The ones I had before were ok, but there were 4 pressure points that have ended up in giant blisters. 2 on each foot.

Left foot: Pinky blister and heel blister.

Right foot: Pad blister and heel blister.

I had to get new socks, new shoes, am wearing shorts the whole time. You get really hot walking all day.

You learn so many things from walking so much.

I've also learned that any (deep) fried food is terrible for energy and endurance. Something to be completely avoided while doing such physical activities. Also, very sweet thing are not good either.

What I did enjoy, was some sausage, a steak, some canned lentiles, lots of apples, and olives. Nothing too overpowering in the flavour department.

The people have been really nice. Met an older couple from Kitchener Canada, Dan(iel) and Hildegard. Met some really nice Korean ladies who made dinner for me and my sister tonight. Met a few more nice people...  Richard from Austria, Thomas from Germany (with whom I shared a funny yet odd mixed dorm experience), Bill from Canada who joined us for the Korean dinner. I'm sure there is more but my brain is no working right now...

To leave you with an idea of foot pain management, after pills and massage failed to relieve any of it...

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