Thursday, October 17, 2013

Practical stuff

So, here is some info that will help understand the logistics and details of my journey.

Before I started the walk, I had to get a pilgrims passport, which is just a paper with space for stamps on it. I stay at the Albergues, which are a cheaper version of the hostels and which are only for pilgrims, so people who have the pilgrim passport.

In order to finish the Camino, you must have walked at least 100km and have the stamps to prove it.

Each Albergue you stay at will stamp your passport, and so you can only stay one night at each Albergue.

You can also get a stamp from the cathedrals and churches.

I don't have as much space in mine, so I'm only getting stamps from the Albergues.

Here is a photo of my pilgrim passport.

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