Saturday, October 12, 2013

Camino family

After my nice rest at that Albergue, and the nice massage, I had renewed energy and better feeling legs.

The walk over these 3 peaks through a forest was a great change from the endless fields of this and that. I ended up walking a bit more after I met up with the Canadian couple from Kitchener who I had left behind a few days ago.

When we got to this nice little village, we came across the young German couple who I'd met earlier in this journey. It was a brand new Albergue and being a bit after the designated end point for the day, there were not so many people.

The Germans, Claudia and Eiko suggested we stay in and cook dinner for the 6 of us. Them two, the Canadian couple Hildegard and Dan, this other German guy Peter and me.
It was great. We went grocery shopping at this little local store, got stuff for a soup, a salad and some tasty meaty pasta. Then we headed  ask and started cooking. It just happened that the we, the 3 women started preparing and cooking, but then we made it clear that the 2 men had to clean up after.

We finished everything really quickly. It was very nice to all sit together and after preparing the food to eat together. We had lots of delicious Spanish red wine and some pastries for desert.

The leftover pasta we gave to a dog, and we ladies relaxed while the men cleaned up, did the dishes and put things away.

Now, Claudia and Eiko have taken the bus ahead because they were running out of time, and who knows when I'll see them again.

That's what happens. You meet with people, and then spend some time together, and then they go off or you go off, and maybe you meet again in a few days, or maybe not.

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Unknown said...

From the people you've met so far, what have their reasons for doing the Camino been?