Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Walking sticks

I picked up another walking stick. This one was just a branch, nothing special. It's helped with walking much better.

But now I'm thinking of giving away my beautifully carved wood walking stick, and getting some proper light and smaller walking sticks that will really help.

But today I used them properly, and because they are wood and heavier, my arms got really sore. Which made me think of my arm flabs, and how I'm trying to get rid of them, and this hard work with heavy sticks will probably be better for my muscles and flabbiness.

So, I've decided to keep them.

I've also decided to write a love story about the two sticks. It will be available as soon as I finish it, or get bore with writing it, and then I'll just write a dramatic and/or tragic ending of some sort.

You will just have to wait.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Ooh a sexy story about Spanish wood, sounds like something from your fantasy