Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lovely smell

After a day of rest, we walked a long road on hard ground and gravel.

My feet were killing me and my stomach was growling for some food.

We stopped at the Albergue and when I signed in, the lady saw my name in my passport and was immediately happy and surprised and started speaking in Romanian with me. She was Romanian too, somewhere from the Sibiu area, and had been living and working here in this little village with her husband and daughter for 5 years. It was nice to talk to her for a bit.

At 6pm, when the bar/restaurant opened, Hildegard, Dan and me went over to get our pilgrim meal.

It was fantastic. I had the bean soup and a great beef stew with mashed potatoes. A Spanish pilgrim joined our table and we had lots of red win and great conversations until about 9pm when we were tired and walked back to our albergue.

That's when I noticed the smell.

It smelled like a wood burning stove everywhere. It was fantastic. If it weren't so cold and I weren't so tired, I would have stayed out longer just to smell the air.

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