Friday, October 4, 2013

My sister

Well, we were together for just 1 week, and we had a bit of head butting at the begining because we have such different styles and rythms. 

But after a few days, close to her going back to Canada, we finally worked out a pretty good system in dealing with her going faster, and me going slower, and finding a place to eat, and finding a place to sleep, and getting ready in the morning, and washing our clothes, and taking pictures, and buying snacks for the road, and just dealing with each others differences.

I really wish we could have spend more time together, talking more, getting to see each others way of doing things, and understanding each other more.

This was a hard start, not only because of the Camino and my lack of fitness, but because we hadn´t spent any time together for over 3 years, and our sole relationship was over the phone.

I am sad to see her go back and having to continue this journey alone.

I hope we can do this again sometime.

Love you sis!

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Amy said...

I travelled for a few weeks with my sister. It was wonderful, but there were in fact a surprising number of differences & problems I hadn't anticipated! I know how you feel. Good thing we can't help but loving our sister in spite of our differences! Hopefully the two of you will have more time together soon.