Friday, October 25, 2013

Peaceful Moment

I have learned that I can't trust technology. I already wrote 3 beautiful and very detailed and inspired entries, and they all got lost because of one thing or another. So, I am resorting to writing it first on paper, and then writing it here so that if I do lose it again, it's not lost forever. 

Today's walk has been marvelous so far. Compared with yesterday, everything is different. I woke up late, left when it was light, walked alone, walked slowly, stopped to admire the beautiful surroundings, it was not raining, it was not cold, I was not soaked, and the path was pretty easy and mud/water free. 

I found a beautiful edge to sit on as I was walking down between the killer mountains I had climbed yesterday. There was a little river I could hear down below, I saw some deer earlier on, and the birds were singing all around. The Sun was shining and I felt so grateful. 

In those quiet moments, it just strikes me how crazy this is, how amazing this experience is, and how lucky I am to be able to do this. 

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