Thursday, October 17, 2013


I realised that most of the day is spent in pretty mundane thought. Even though I have a lot of time during the day, I don't do very deep or productive thinking. It's focused mainly on the walking tasks.

Don't step on the snail, slug, bug, caterpillar, ants, worms and centipedes.

Watch out for the big rocks and the puddles.

I need to drink more water.

I need to pee. I don't see a big bush or tree anywhere. Is anyone coming?
I'm hungry. I can wait till the next town and get a sandwich.

How much longer to the next town? Check gps and map. How much have I walked? How much do I still need to walk? What time will I be at the destination? Can I make it all the way or will I have to stop before.

I wonder what (insert name) is doing and how far they got?

I hope I get a bottom bunk tonight.

I hope that snorer is not there tonight.

I hope there will be some great food somewhere.

My feet hurt. My heels hurt. My arms hurt.

I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and despite of all of these, you are still doing it, and going and proving that you can do almost all you want to do.

Unknown said...

An additional, important thought: what is happening on the Internet?