Friday, March 9, 2007

Japanese Buffet... that's all I need to say (Tuesday)

Well Livi, you are a genius, yet again!!
Wasabi... amaaaazing food. I ate soo much, and I was still able to walk out of the place standing, did not go take a nap afterwards and I didn't feel like throwing up either. It was amazing, and to prove it, here are some pictures :D.

I think this expression was because of the amazing mango cream cake. WOW!!

Now this was amazing tea. Lavender... mmmm, and the cup was super cute too :D.

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Liv said...

Dani... let me tell you. Out of all days in the last month (other than seeing my parents go on vacation!) lol I can't remember how much of a great time I had! I'm soo glad we were able to hook up that day and so spontaneously we decided to go eat sushi! I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm glad Chrissy and Joy were able to share that night with us! It couldn't have been more perfect! :)