Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What is wrong with foreigners??

Alright, so I am a foreigner, just to clarify. A minority... And I realized from dealing with a few foreigners, that they are all weird. Let me explain:

1. Lack of conversation... they don't talk. They say small words here and there. Who knows, maybe the constant and booring droning of what colour is this, and what shape is this, and what did you eat this morning and all that is killing their ablity to actually have an intelligent conversation.

2. Disregard of others when walking, more specifically... if two foreigners walk together, they don't actually walk together, they don't keep track of where the other is, they just keep walking and they usually walk really fast like they are trying to get to the place and when they are done with that place they run back home to sit and watch more tv or go on the computer or do some drinking. They don't stop to look around, they don't wait for one another if they are curious and want to check something out... no, I guess they are used to being on their own so much that they forget how to interact with someone when they are not alone.

3. Disregard of anothers oppinions... in particular (so far) to eating... they just walk and walk and don't think, hey would you like to go eat here? We pass countless places, they have something of their own in mind but don't even think of telling what that is to the other person...

What is going on here? The Koreans are awsome. Super nice and friendly people. Sure, they spit on the sidewalk, and they drink like no tomorrow, but at least they try to have a conversation and are not so hm... internalized.

Anywais, that was my bitter rant about the foreigners.

On a lighter note, I bought a guitar today :). Yaaay for me :). Now I won't be watching TV anymore but I'll be anoying my neighbours with the guitar :D. It's very pretty and didn't cost very much at all. This is going to be my only splurging item, and after this all is gonna be food or savings or travelling :).

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