Friday, March 9, 2007

Marathon visits... 4 people, 1 day

First, I met up with Mehrdad... he was late as usual. Tried to burn some music but didn't work, tried to fix his computer but didn't work, then just ended up with some Enigma and leaving.
Second, I met up with Ivan... I was late as usual. Tried to go to Starbucks but it was too full so we went to Second Cup. They have very nice Vanilla Bean Steamer... which in reality is just warm milk that tastes like vanilla. Really good tho :)
Then Livi comes :)... awwwww.Then we all leave our own separate ways, bye bye Livi, bye bye Ivan.
Then it's time to meet up with Muntasir at Eaton Centre. I wait and some creepy person starts talking to me... it was creepy. Then Muntasir shows up... awww.Thanks for the awesome Bangla food... loved that fish... even the bones were good :).
Good luck, will miss you, but we'll stay in touch. I'll be waiting for my laptop :P (JK).
What a nice day :)

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Liv said...

I'm glad you had a great time.. I'm VERY glad I was able to see the two of you after a weird day at work! It was really really nice to see you and Ivan one last time until the next time!