Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Telephone is here :D

So, I got my telephone hooked up. YAAAAY, and the boss got me a brand new phone too. This is great :D.

So, if you are interested, here is the number:

to call me from outside Korea
8231 - 735 - 6077

to call me from inside Korea
031 - 735 - 6077

I expect many calls :). I don't have an answer machine which is unfortunate, but I will have internet tomorrow morning (hopefully) and then you can leave me a message on MSN :).

The kids are absolutely adorable. The little ones are so cute I just want to pinch their cheeks the whole time. They are a bit crazy in the afternoon and require a lot of discipline (which I don't know how to do yet) but besides that everything is going pretty good. It is really a miracle because I've never been around kids before and this is only my 3rd day dealing with them.

Something incredible has happened. I actually have a memory... I deal with 35 kids and I actually remember their names. Not all but almost all of them. It's absolutely incredible :). I will have to take a picture of them and will post it on here so you all can see how cute they are.

I am going to go out and eat on my own today... I need to get out in the world on my own sometime and I today is a perfect day :).


Anonymous said...

hehe e bine ma bucur k iti plac copii :)) sper sa t distrezi la maxx :)) pup u !!

ralu said...

ohhhhh heyyyy! it's raluca from MTL. i had no idea u had a blog how fun! and u're in korea!!! wow!!! how are you? how's life?? how long u staying in korea???

miss u and ur sis
xoxo ralu

Liv said...

Dani! I'm glad you're doing well there! :) Sorry I've been absent in the last little while... I've been preoccupied with life around here... :| If you know what I mean... ahem loserboy... BAH! Miss you lots!!!