Wednesday, March 28, 2007

My place

So, after many requests, I have taken a bunch of pictures of my "appartment" and the outside of it so you can see how pretty it is :).
Stairs going up.
The glass table was in my room, but there was just no space for it, so I put it out on the hallway and bought that plant to make it look nicer :). There is only my room and the one at the end of the hallway on this side so it's pretty private.
There are no shoes taken in rooms where the floor is heated, therefore, there is a special spot where you leave your shoes at the entrance of into the room/apartment.
My wonderfully huge bed :). It's very comfy. You can see my laptop on the left side on a little box-like chair.
Huge empty fridge that I don't use...
Tiny empty kitchen that I don't use either...

Those two dressers I took from outside. There is a furniture store just beside and they throw out furniture quite often. As you can see, it is still in very good condition :).

This is the door to the bathroom. My awesome leather armchair that I got also from outside. It fit perfectly in my room :).

This is the bathroom. I have a wash machine but no shower, only the shower head so everything gets wet in the bathroom when I take a "shower". That is how a lot of the bathrooms are here.

I've also taken a picture of my guitar, which I've named Keisha.Good name no?

This is how I dry my clothes. Since the floor is heated and there really isn't a lot of place to hang the up, I just spread them out on the floor overnight and then they are done :). It's messy but i put them away in the morning and I don't wash too many clothes at the same time.

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Liv said...

Looks like a typical asian apartment.. hehehehe.. Looks good! :)