Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lonely white person...

Well, the other teacher and me are pretty much the only white people in the area. Kinda sucks because people around here don't speak too much English, which makes it hard to order food, find out how much things cost and all that.

The other foreign people I've talked to so far seem different... distant... not very communicative. I'm not sure if it's just me and if I'm too enthusiastic or want to talk too much, but it seems like people are very quiet and kept to themselves.

I've eaten twice so far, good food :), and watched TV most of the rest of the time. My apartment is a bachelor and I have a gigantic bed :D.

I'm hoping to get my internet and phone hooked up soon and also hope to learn a few words so I can get around and not be stuck in my room.

Alright.. back to tv :)

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Liv said...

Nice nice... tv and a big ass bed sounds sooo good!!! But yah, sucky that you don't have much knowledge of the language... and that the Koreans don't have much knowledge of OUR language... but glad to hear that the kids are cute and that they didn't pull pranks on you... YET lol jk! :) Miss ya lots!